Monday, January 31, 2005

Humor in odd places

For all the fans of this oldie

EricPrydz - Call on Me

There is this new version. I think this one is for the ladies.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


As time passes, i become more and more jaded. It is weird in a way. I stop caring about what I write in emails. The more disgusted I am, the easier it gets.

The more I think about circumstances the more annoyed I get. I always get a reply if I dont include a picture. I never get a reply when I send one (even when emails have already been exchanged). Should I just include a picture in the beginning? or should I wait? False hope verses constant silence.

I want one day (one lousy day) for my birthday. Just one.

Learn something new...

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It's ok you are a cute girl. and a lesbian on top of that. You just have to talk to some loser and he would be willing to look up all sorts of things for you.

Hey wait a minute...

Speaking of which, how is your Amazon wish list coming along Lepus?

If I were a woman I'd totally be showing my tits on the internet to get sigguys to give me stuff.

Nah. She broke my heart. Only thing she is getting from me is coconuts.

Which I will break over your head and then steal your wallet.

Jeez. and you didnt even see the W2's yet. Im scared.

Never knew lesbians were so violent or greedy or both.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

makeup lesson

makeup lesson

I just watched a japanese girl glue her eyes open. That is quite disturbing.


Stereofunk-The Idiot Library :
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To both Sig and Preacher


Disappointing. Can I see your ass wiggle then?



So that means when we hook up at the SF get together, I have to keep the lights off?"

Never give up. heh

Friday, January 28, 2005


I feel sorry for poor Elena. I remember how much Autumn leaving ripped me to shreds.

I totally given up on figuring out love. It never makes any sense and it is just a waste of time. Of course, like an idiot I fall for the same shit every time. But that makes sense. After all, Im soon to be 29 and nobody has ever loved me.

In a week, I will change my mind. I always do.


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Reason number two why we can't be together.

Really let's be honest. The lesbianism doomed it from the start.

Since sexuality is fluid, I can't say with any certainty that I could never fall in love with a man.

But I would have to see the W-2's first.

Ignoring the fact it would be inappropriate, I think I would find your reaction amusing.

I think my reaction would be, "Jesus Christ I can't believe he just sent me his W-2s!"

Heh, I was thinking something along those lines. Followed by, "Wait, is that scientific notation in Box 5?!?"

Ahh, you got to love good natured lesbians.

I be a hypocrite if it wasnt true

"Ok, just stop that. At a bare minimum, you are cute. In a lot of circles, you would be considered hot. You like a person who treats you like crap because somewhere in your head you think you can't do better. You aren't fat, You aren't ugly, You aren't missing any limbs. There isnt any reason to think people see you as anything but attractive and desirable. You can do a hell of a lot better. Demand respect because that is the minimum you deserve."
I just snapped at Inno. Why do people put themselves through crap for no reason? I'd kill for no reasons to be honest.

And it gets worse:

Fuck the not ready for a relationship stuff. He should NOT be degrading you in public at all, boyfriend, fuck buddy, or stranger in the street. He may have good intentions but he is performing bad actions. He is screwing with your head. The abuse will only get worse.

I have often wished for one day (one lousy day) but things like this make me think that even then it wouldn't work. I hope she gets help or helps herself. She has a chance.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Second Post

That is a lie. I know why I am here. I just doubt it will be productive.

First post

Why am I here? I don't know. Guess I will find out.