Thursday, August 31, 2006

Consumer whorism

I purchased some stuff recently and I figured I share some thoughts.

I bought some new pillows. At 15 for 2, they seem to be a great buy. Real fluffy and if they have any kind of lifespan, well worth the cash.

I also bought a new stereo. It has its quirks (it seems far too easy to tip over for instance but a little weight solves that). The sound is very good though and the system can get quite loud. I am running it at level4 or 5. I think it goes up to 20. And it has the thinnest remote you ever seen.

Finally, I got a new toaster. I previously bought the same model in white for my parents. They love it and now that I have one, I do too. It toasts well and has a nice stay warm feature. The cool touch feature is handy in ways you wouldnt realize it. Are their nicer toasters? Sure but this one is cheap and works better than most that I have used.