Monday, February 28, 2005


Just came on the radio. Reminds me of bad sad times. I wish music would remind me of good times. Of course, its hard to think of specific good times. It is easy to remember specific bad times.

Winter's cold, spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasen
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look down all around, hey satellite

Friday, February 25, 2005

Things that annoy the fuck out of me

  1. That everybody seems to be becoming adult without me
  2. House listings absolutely suck right now
  3. Being bored on a friday night
  4. Laundry
  5. Work (right now)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Oh heaven restores you in life
I spent a lifespan with no cellmate
The long way back
Saying meanwhile can't we look the other way?
You're weightless, semi-erotic
You need someone to take you there
Saying meanwhile can't we look the other way?
Why can't we just play the other game?
Why can't we just look the other way?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Monday, February 21, 2005

10 Things and a couple more

1. I have met several people from the net.

2. I have had sleep paralysis and insomnia off and on for a long time

3. I am at work far too much but I don't actually work enough

4. I don't have nearly as much money as everybody seems to think.

5. I am amazed at how much I have accomplished in life considering how lazy I am.

6. I am afraid of growing up which is why I don't own a house, haven't bought a new car, and why I refuse to apply for management.

7. I been in love once.

8. I hate buying things for myself.

9. Physically, how I feel ranges from complete crap to marginally below par on a day to day basis.

10. I came thisclose to not going to college at all. Not of my own free will either.

11. I was complimented on my penis today

12. I worry that I will someday get Alzheimer's like several of my relatives

13. I feel old (see 6)

14. Hypocrisy is my one big bugaboo

15. I need to get laid.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Mystery Solved

Well I finally figured out why my blog got all that traffic a while back from random locations. When I posted that funny video of the guys doing the aerobics, it apparently got linked to a listing site for videos.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Observant People they be

Three people asked me if I was growing a beard today. I have seen all three of these people multiple times in the last couple of weeks. Apparently, it is a magic beard and was hiding all this time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Vanity post

Well, trying to decide if the beard stays or goes. Cute Starbucks girl talked to me today. But that was a matter of time. All the people in there know me. So that isnt a beard bonus.

On one hand, I kind of like it. But Im not happy with the way the mustache part is coming in. It doesnt totally connect and the hair that is there is fairly light. So it looks like a huge gap.

I will probably end up shaving it. Not right now though.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Some days Good, Some days Bad

Well, I was told today that they think my grandmother had a heart attack. This isn't good. She is a worrier. It is definitely the stress. God knows she eats healthy and she is thin (maybe even too thin). Bleh, I wish my uncle would grow up.

I also decided that I need to get my sleep schedule in order. I won't have much choice when we move offices (April 11th!!). Damn management. System has been fine for years and years. But not anymore because "we" are screwing up. And I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Maybe the new schedule will motivate me to workout again. Its been forever and ever since I did that. I think back and can't begin to fathom how I lost 60 pounds.

Elena said she wouldn't date me if Vince died. And she doesn't fuck people she doesn't date. Bitch. You call yourself a friend.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Fresh showered and shorn. I kept the beard for now though. Still not quite sure what to do with it.

I come to realize I hate cutting my own hair but its for the same reason I cut my hair. Going bald sucks and that makes it that much harder to cut it so it looks halfway decent.

Someday, I will go crazy. Then I will get the hair transplants, the laser eye surgery, and lose the 100 pounds. I think right now I would settle for the hair.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Social Security part 2

Brad Delong expands on the way to reconcile the numbers (see my post below) and adds three other ways.

  1. A substantial decline in the stock market in the near future to push dividend yields back up to the levels they need to be.
  2. Stagnant wages and a permanent jump in the profit share to push dividend yields up to the levels they need to be.
  3. A large jump in firm payouts, supported by the fact that accounting earnings are massively understated.
  4. A long-run trade surplus of 6% of GDP.
3 and 4 are just plain silly. 1 is scary and 2 sounds like so much fun!

Some people expressed confusion at all this stuff (Hey Moz!). Well quick version:

Right now, SS collects more money than it sends out. The extra is put into a Trust Fund(think a bank account). Republicans think the Trust Fund will run out of money in the future. It is possible. They are suggesting that we should change the system to one in which people invest their money in the stock market. It should make up the shortfall (or so they claim). The issue is whether it is possible for SS to fail AND the private accounts to suceed. That is what the statements above discuss. It is possible but so unlikely or scary as not to be something you want to plan for.


Today sucked. It was sort of neutral up until 4. Then my mom called telling me that my Grandma was being rushed to the hospital. That is all I knew for 2 hours. She apparently will be ok but they need to run tests to find out what happened. Those were a stressful 2 hours. Somedays it pays to stay in bed.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


I realize I been drifting for a long time now. I also realize that I am very lucky to have the life I have. I could literally travel anywhere I wanted next week. If I wanted a car, I could get it. Financial and temporal obligations are minimal. As Bridey said, I have a "ton of good stuff going for " me.

This life has allowed me to drift aimlessly for a long time now with no real consequences. The question is if I had a harder life would it actually be more productive, more useful. And yes it was a lie of omission when I didnt say my sig was how I often feel in response to Bridey. But one learns not to constantly bitch about how they feel if they don't want to cause undo harm.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Social Security

Well someone finally did it. Someone finally explained (to some degree) how private accounts could work and Social security fails. The scenario doesnt even seem plausible but at least it works on some mathematical level. Fewer taxes for corporations and stagnant wages for 75 years. Think MegaCorp Future. Yippee.

The interesting point is stagnant real wages would reduce future Social Security benefits. In effect, the wage index would equal CPI and therefore, it would have the effect of the cuts Bush has proposed. The question becomes is the net effect eliminating any solvency benefit the Bush cuts has and therefore, causing more problems (debt) down the road?

Someone still needs to ask why Bush is such an economic pessmist.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Well, I was all decided to shave my beard tonight. I don't think it is for me. But then another random chick decided to chat with me in the elevator. I know it means nothing but I use to be just in the background before. It is weird. I don't think I am doing anything different but they think I am more friendly (?) with a beard.

My ATM card works now. It is nice to be able to have cash again. They put a fraud hold because I bought gas. They considered it unusual behavior. Somewhere, Brad is snickering. Bastard.

And it seems that Thread has finally died.

Not a bad day. Still tired though.

Monday, February 07, 2005

My own personal hell

Ok the last couple of days have just had all sorts of sucky things going on.

  1. That thread is still going on. It is ridiculous. They are now arguing the equivalent of Hitler (yes I am fucking godwinning it) isnt so bad because Mussolini did some bad shit too.
  2. The Patriots won. Another year of listening to how I should Felliate Tom Brady every chance I get because he is so underrated.
  3. I just feel like crap. I think I am "not quite" sick. Wish my body would pick one or the other.
  4. My ATM card still doesnt work. Granted I did nothing today but they should have called me by now.
  5. I am turning the Kim shit into something in my head it should not be. It was random and not symbolic of anything dammit.
I still feel old and past my time though. That is what it is really about. Maybe this means I should just buy the damn house. So what if I fuck up. At least, it is something.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Well I called today to find out why my ATM card would not work last night. It gave me a strange error "Card can not be used." Apparently there is a fraud hold on my account. They, however, didnt see fit to call me or notify me in anyway. So when I got somebody, the girl said she needed to transfer me to get it resolved. I get transfered and the phone actually rings. No hold just ringing. I let it ring for about 5 minutes. Looks like I will have to go to a branch and get this crap resolved.

Also, I noticed that my sitemeter exploded. Jesus, I have an audience now. Well welcome all. I know some of you I am sure (Hey Zabka!). Some are clearly random though. Anyway I hope it isnt a waste of your time.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

My first drunk post

went out tonight. Brad saved me from hooking up with kim. probably not a good idea but still i regret it. I cant blame him though. He really has no idea. Im too old for this shit. It felt nice to have someone next to me and not try to get away.

Better birthday present then i would have expected.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My birthday

I was going to write this really long post about my life but i decided against it for now. If it behaves better, it might earn it.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

For record keeping purposes part 2

A cute girl said hi to me today. 2 days in a row? Very Weird. Must be the scruffy beard, lack of hair and extra weight. It drives them wild.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Someone sponsored me for TotalFark. If you are reading this, thank you. That was way too nice of you.

For record keeping purposes

Girl in the elevator smiled at me today.