Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Day

Today was a good day (I guess is, not quite over yet). Absolutely beautiful weather (70s, breezy). Car inspection went without a hitch. I decided to take the entire day off. Needed the break really after this long biweek, too. Well, I was home so I decided to actually cook. I used that leftover eggplant with spaghetti for lunch. Came out good again. I think that is now an official "how to use frozen fried eggplant" recipe. For dinner, I contemplated making the curry but I should get some bamboo shoots for that. So I decided to try something with that kilebasa in the freezer. Some corn, some carrots, some string beans... viola. I added some cheese to the final product for a little bit extra.

The second can of corn may have been a bit too much. Have plenty of leftovers now too (probably two more meals worth).

Still need to decide on a cell phone but at least I know what I am going to do.

I also decided to be a tad more assertive. What I have been doing so far seems to be working, much to my surprise. I figured what the hell. It is playing with house money for me. (now that I mentioned the situation publicly it will probably blow in my face. oh well).

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Coffee Review- Peter's Blend from Porto Rico Importers

The company: Porto Rico Importers based in NYC. Been in business a long time. Offer wide variety of beans cheaply. Also sells a wide selection of tea. Has weekly specials on coffee. Has internet, phone, and fax ordering options. Not a huge operation with an amazon type polish to it. Internet ordering is basically a secured email, not a cart system. Ordering was easy enough, no acknowledgement. Email sent back with final order total within 36 hours.

The coffee: Beans are obviously fresh and had a strong fragrance to them. They were slightly oily as well, especially so for a non-french roast. Obviously a blend as there were different shades of beans. Peter's Blend is fairly similar to breakfast blends but with a bit more heft(I find breakfast blends to be light or weak in general). Smooth, Low acid. Fairly straight forward with some decent accent notes. Goes well Black with a small amount of sugar. I would order this blend again.

Price of coffee: They have weekly specials. Peter's blend runs $3.99/pound on sale. Regular price varies but is often 5.99/lb.

Shipping: $7.28 to ship 3 pounds. Uses UPS ground. Took 3 Business days.

Packaging: Shipped in a box with biodegrabale packing peanuts (no chemical fumes which is a plus). Bagged in plastic lined paper bags- not vacuum packed.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hit Pause

I need to get away from this online thing.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Patterns and weirdness

The human brain loves to make patterns and associates that don't exist. Trying to make order out of chaos and all that. So it isn't unusual to start seeing fpf things in real life to some degree.

But Jesus, that girl looks a lot like Rufie.