Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It has always been said a true test of one's principles is when nobody else is watching. Related, it is also a true test when they are maintained under duress.

It has occurred to me that someone I know in real life who I never intended to read this blog may have. I never really hid my tracks and I guess that I never really cared to. I will operate under the assumption that person is reading or may do so in the future.

This blog is all my inner demons laid out on the screen. Me in my rawest form.
It is an incomplete picture. It isn't the best thing for somebody to possibly judge me by.

That said, I wouldn't change a word (well except most posts could use a couple of rewrites to bring it up to 8th grade reading level). I also refuse to change what I write. Things will fall where they may and really I have no control over that.

Only right to document the result of the event hinted at below: Today was good but not great. It was not great mainly because of my own inaction. I will need to rectify that. I plan on it.

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